How do you even find out about raves D: like where/when? lol i'm sucha square.


No, you just haven’t been introduced properly! How I started my adventure was at a bassnectar concert. I found a Molly supplier and bought Molly for my first time on his divergent spectrum tour. From the Molly, I was over friendly, needless to say. I met some of the best people there and was introduced to the scene through people already following. My advice for you would be to catch bigger names, and look for true ravers. Dead give away for true ravers consist of: excessive kandi, obviously tripping and not faking it, no “rage” or “have you seen Molly” shirts on, straight freaky looking. These aren’t all for sure, since we don’t judge, I do have a few in my clique that don’t seem like ravers. Key is dancing in rhythm with everybody. Keep cool. Make friends. Trade kandi. You will get in the groups. Dress to impress. I wear a B-Mo T-shirt, a cute panda backpack, kandi out the ass and glow stick bracelets over my kandi. I always bring a helpful supply of Molly and whoever trades kandi with me usually gets a hit. Big names to look for who tour very often: Steve Aoki, Skrillex, deadmau5, downlink (just came back hopefully), excision, showtek, adventure club, pretty lights, bro safari, flux pavilion, DotEXE, Zedd, Zed’s dead, krewella, and a ton more. At first it’s a lot of research. You know I was scared of the drugs, didn’t know any good EDM shows to catch. I looked into it for about a month and decided to buy bassnectar tickets, as he was my favorite artist. I was taken into a clique and introduced to all the underground, dirty raves. It’s so worth the little work you put in. As you see from the pictures, it’s great self expression and it changes you for the better. Let me know if you need any further help. I love introducing the scene to newbies. Just PLEASE. Remain about the PLUR code. Assholes are fucking ruining our scene because of trap music. I love trap! But the people it attracts are not cool. Help us spread plur, not join the dark side


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